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Step 1: Your Enquiry

Step 2: Initial Consultation - Creative Call

Step 3: Design Payment

Please note I cannot start work on your designs until payment has been made

Step 4: Receive Digital Copy Of Design

(Lead time 6 weeks, please get in touch if you need a rush order and we will try and accommodate)
Maximum of two minor edits


Step 5: Print Payment- Send to printing press or receive PDF


Step 6: Delivery and enjoy your designs!



  • How much will printing cost?
    I quote the price of printing separately to the design fee. Any costs that you see on the site are solely based on the fee for my time. I try and use printers that are kind to the environment as well as reasonably priced. Printing costs depend on the quantity of prints you need and the paper you would like. If you print more, the cost per print will go down and if you print less it will likely be higher per print.
  • How long does it take for me to get my design?
    My lead time is 4 weeks, please get in touch if you need it sooner, If I have availability I will try and accommodate you. Please note the printers need at least 5 working days to produce your designs.
  • Am I able to request a rush order?
    I am sometimes able to accommodate rush orders, this is dependent on my availability. Please note that rush orders will incur an additional fee and my printers need at least 5 working days to produce your designs.
  • Can I reuse an illustration for another piece of stationary?
    Yes I am more than happy for designs to be reused for other items of stationary. Please note I still charge a fee for the reuse of designs as it requires reformatting illustrations and changing text. Prices are quoted separately depending on the project.
  • Who owns the designs?
    All illustrations and artwork are owned by the artist. Designs are meant for one time use in the context that they were created for unless stated otherwise by Hanya, for example unique projects such as logos etc. If you would like to discuss complete ownership please get in touch.
  • Can I order prints if I live outside the UK or US?
    Yes, you can, however, as I am a small business I am not able to absorb the cost of import fees, these will need to be paid by you. Please also note that delivery times will be longer.
  • Can I print them myself?
    Yes you can arrange for them to be printed. I’m happy to give paper suggestions. I will send your prints directly to your printer when required.
  • What if I'm not happy with my print?
    I am happy to accommodate edits to your designs. These are limited to two per design. If in the unlikely event you are still unhappy with your designs after edits I offer a 25% refund on design fee only.
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